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    The Sheila Varian Collective


    We are pleased to present the following items available that cover a lifetime of stories with the one and only Sheila Varian.

    "V- The Legacy of Sheila Varian" DVD


    Dive into this inspirational story of one of the world's most revered horse women and breeders. You'll follow her epic journey through adventures, trials, lessons and joys. But most of all, you'll be inspired by what can happen when someone digs deep to follow their calling... and ends up changing the world.

    Running time: 128 minutes

    $15 (plus S/H) 




    Let's Ride: The Personal Memoirs of a Legendary Horsewoman (released December 2018) 


    Paperback | 165 pages

    "This enchanting collection of stories is sure to inspire every reader – not just horse lovers – about the fullness that is found in leading a life rooted in courage."– OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN, Actress & friend

    From winning one of the equine world’s most prestigious world championships as a young schoolteacher to leading the way for importing horses from communist-run Poland, Sheila broke through glass ceilings and paved new paths that made her one of the most beloved figures in the equine world. These stories – personally written by her before she passed away – are a collection of her most poignant memories. Like all trendsetters, the journey is, at times, filled with fear, self-doubt, and loss. Sheila’s enchanting storytelling – one of her most beloved attributes – transports the reader into every scene in a way that only she could do. You’ll feel the struggle alongside our heroine. But you’ll also laugh often, feeling the joys, the triumphs, and the reconciliations throughout her incredible journey. Most of all, you will see a canvas of truth lift off each page that speaks to the formidable combination of courage, conviction, humor and grace for leading the ultimate life of fulfillment and purpose. Bonus materials include never-before-seen handwritten poems and letters between Sheila and her parents, handwritten documents, personal photos, and more!

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    $19.95 (plus shipping/handling)  



     ***Varian Film Collector's Gift Set (Book & DVD)*** HOLIDAY SPECIAL


    The ultimate gift set for the Sheila Varian fan, this combo package includes "V: The Legacy of Sheila Varian" DVD and Sheila's 165-page book, Let's Ride: The Personal Memoirs of a Legendary Horsewoman! Plus, you'll save nearly 40% on the products and shipping! 

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    First 500 book orders placed through below will receive an officially numbered copy!

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    #theVFilm Official Hashtag of the Varian Film

    History has always been very important to me, particularly as it pertains to the Arabian horse. 

    This year marks the 60th anniversary for Varian Arabians. And what a story it is. In a twist-and-turn adventure, the film walks viewers through the epic story of Sheila Varian, known to be one of the world's elite horse breeders and trainers, and includes never-before-seen footage of her early years and her horses. It is the ultimate underdog story.

    You'll walk alongside a young Sheila as she learns from famous mentors and carries life-long friendships. You'll ride with her as she breaks world-records to a stunned audience of more 15,000 people. You'll feel the exhilaration of watching her first three Arabian mares step off the trailer after their overseas trip from Poland in 1961. You'll share her hurts, struggles and ultimate triumphs from walking a road less traveled. You'll be swept away by the beauty of her stallions that changed the Arabian breed forever, and her unique relationships with them. But most of all, you'll be inspired by what can happen when you dig deep to follow your calling, and end up changing the world.

    Evie Tubbs Sweeney


    World-Premiere Information on Saturday, August 2nd- SOLD OUT

    "V: The Legacy of Sheila Varian" will be premiered in Forbes Hall at the Clark Center for the Performing Arts in Arroyo Grande, Cal. on Saturday, August 2, 2014 at 7:30pm.

    The event is now sold out.

    You may view its LIVE broadcast at   





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    Special Thanks to the film's Creative Team 

    A film by EvieInc

    Directed by Millington Productions Inc.

    Written by Bob Sweeney

    Fundraising & Support by Sherry Conrads

    Archival Footage by Jungle Films, Scott Trees, Dick Towle and Varian Arabians Historical Archive