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    About Evie Tubbs Sweeney

    With a professional background in public relations and marketing, Evie Tubbs Sweeney has provided successful marketing/ market development consultation for more than a decade, with particular emphasis in the equine industry. She started in 2002 with the Arabian Horse Registry of America’s promotional arm, and soon thereafter managed market development for the then-new Arabian Horse Association. For five years, Evie developed the market for Arabian horses both inside the community and to the outside all-breed horse community through event campaign management and program launches. In 2006, she began Destination Equus, an equine travel/ vacation company, with the inaugural “Valley of the Arabian Horse Farm & Winery Tour.” Destination Equus has since expanded to offer several tours across the United States each year.

    A key example of project management utilizing all forms of marketing, events management, fundraising, and public speaking is the Al-Marah Arabian Horse Galleries. In 2008, Evie was contracted by the Purebred Arabian Trust to project manage a new $10 million Arabian horse museum in Lexington, KY called the Al-Marah Arabian Horse Galleries from concept to completion. Utilizing a buffet of communication platforms, Evie developed a strategic communications & fundraising plan that included ongoing public relations, integrated social media, monthly advertising, email blast campaigns, trade show presence, public speaking, marketing collateral, sales video production, interactive website development and finally, the Opening Gala.

    One of the most meaningful projects to Evie was a full-length documentary about world-class horsewoman Sheila Varian, in which she was the Executive Producer. Released in August 2014, the film walks viewers through the life, struggles and successes of one of the world's most gifted Arabian horse breeders and trainers. It has garnered reviews of the highest praise, with over 2,000 DVDs sold to enthusiasts from 4 continents. 

    Over the years, EvieInc management and counsel has been sought by such notable clients as the Purebred Arabian Trust, the Arabian Horse Association, the Kentucky Horse Park, Horse Illustrated magazine, the Arabian Jockey Club, the Arabian Racing Cup, the Arabian Breeders Association, "V: The Legacy of Sheila Varian" film, and countless farm & stallion promotions. Evie is revered for emotionally engaging audiences of all venues, whether it be through events, print, web or microphone, creating a no-nonsense platform for her clients that provides measurable results.

    But perhaps foremost in her portfolio is a belief in the power of digital marketing and social media, keying in on the equine industry. With accreditation from the National Institute for Social Media and certification by Hootsuite University, Evie can take your marketing goals to a whole new level... and for likely a fraction of the price you're used to. When done correctly and consistently, social media is the most powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. And she is committed to making sure your brand reaps the benefits. 

    Along with her husband Bob and new son Henry, Evie resides in California's beautiful Santa Ynez Valley where they enjoy their small breeding operation of Arabian horses and taking advantage of living in Santa Barbara County wine country.








    Beth Ellen Hunziker is an independent Arabian horse journalist and marketing specialist from the United States who covers shows and events around the world, as well as news and personalities from the international community. She has a lifelong passion for the Arabian horse, which has been the focus of her work for over 30 years. She worked for the Arabian Horse Times Magazine from 1984-2004, when she became an independent publishing and marketing consultant. She has contributed to more than 15 books about the Arabian horse.

    In February 2016, she joined EvieInc as a social media specialist, and has been handcrafting poignant, effective social media content for EvieInc clients that resulted in the strongest year of Facebook statistics on record. Her gift for communicating the qualities of the Arabian horses she represents touches all who read it. 


    Client Testimonials

    Evie Tubbs Sweeney is pure magic. She has taken what is in my heart and each day puts it into words on social media (and elsewhere) for the world to understand. She is brilliant in what she does, and I feel blessed that our paths crossed. Evie manages my marketing for Lesley Farms, Monticello V and Crown Juell XX, and I trust her explicitly.”

    – Carolyn Lesley | Lesley Farms

    We’ve been thrilled with the hard work, creativity and, above all, the amazing results we have received with EvieInc.'s management of our social media and promotion. We look forward to a long and productive partnership as we promote the incredible sport of Arabian racing. 

    – Kathy Smoke | Arabian Jockey Club President


    Evie's passion for the Arabian horse and the Arabian Horse Galleries comes to life as she draws in the audience during her presentations. There is no greater project we've embarked on as a community than the Arabian Horse Galleries... none. Not only does Evie understand this, but she grabs her audience with a contagious enthusiasm that is tough to shake. She reminds us all what it is to love this breed, what our role is as its stewards, and what role we can play in sharing the breed with millions through the Arabian Horse Galleries.

    – Kathie Hart | Vallejo III


    Spectacular! Besides my honeymoon with my wife, this is one of the best trips we've had together.

    – Michael & Valorie Pontarelli | Rochester, NY [On the Valley of the Arabian Horse Tour]


    I have known Evie Tubbs Sweeney for 15 years, and in those 15 years she has always done superior work on everything she's been involved in. Smart, innovative, and ahead in the world of social media, everything that she has touched in our business has blossomed under her suggestions. She is truthful and fair in her business dealings. She listens and works with your desires in mind and not just hers. She gives you ideas she has thought about, and then suggests a way to implement them that will work for you. Doing business with Evie is a joy. 

    – Sheila Varian | Varian Arabians


    Having the guidance of digital wizards like Evie Tubbs Sweeney & Beth Ellen Hunziker who also know Arabian horses is just the best. They have brought new awarenesses to our team at Silver Maple on the importance of digital marketing. Under Evie's plan we now utilize 3 major digital venues that has exponentially increased our base of interest and scope around the world.

    – Christie Metz | Silver Maple Farm


    Evie & Beth have an outstanding talent in the field of social media. They possess a rare ability to grow a business identity in an accurate, tasteful and powerful way. I think so highly of their personal qualities; Evie & Beth are honest, extremely intelligent, have a terrific grasp of their client's business goals, and a remarkable knowledge of the use and power of social media.  I feel very fortunate to be an EvieInc client. 

    – Carol Steppe | Day Dream Arabians


    Seldom does one have the opportunity to speak in favor of such a deserving individual as Evie Tubbs Sweeney.  I have known Evie for a number of years in a number of developmental and promotional activities within the Arabian Horse industry. I continue to be impressed with Evie’s ability to think through issues and develop alternative approaches, her creative initiative, and her willingness to work hard to achieve success for the client.  Evie was of great assistance in the creation and promotion of the Al-Marah Arabian Horse Galleries at the Kentucky Horse Park, and is a person I am happy to endorse.

    – Howard W. Pike | Purebred Arabian Trust


    Evie took control of our social media marketing in Spring 2016. If I were totally honest, I was a little nervous to 'hand over' our public image to someone else... it is one that my Mom and I carefully crafted over 5 decades. She put my fears to rest immediately. The daily Facebook posts are fun, educational, and often magical. I love checking the Om El Arab page to see what delightful post she's come up with. Based on the incredible statistics of our growing network of fans, I'm not the only one who is excited to check the Facebook page every morning!

    Evie is also the brainchild behind Om El Arab's FACT series. It has appeared in all of our print ads this year and educates the public on the rich history of Om El Arab.  She is in charge of our e-blasts as well, and often has them designed before I can even blink an eye. I can't say enough about the Evie's talent, creativity and professionalism. 

    – Janina Merz | Om El Arab