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    Advanced Social Media Management

    – Daily Coverage starting at $750/month –

    "But I already have an strong Facebook Presence. Why do I need EvieInc?"

    2016 CASE STUDY: FARM X (Anonymous Client) came under EvieInc management with a healthy Facebook presence at 8,600 likes. However, the page soared to its full potential reaching record engagement numbers, a growth of over 350%, and an ending total of 31,000 page likes in just nine months. It is now an integral part of their business strategy for communication, cultivating new clients, and most importantly tapping into their social authority for selling horses and breedings.

    Coverage Includes: 

    ***HOW WE HANDLE SALES COMMISSIONS. As part of our ongoing commitment to your success, EvieInc takes NO sales commmissions on horses or breedings sold through social media efforts. Ever.

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    When you're running your own business, social media can feel like that time-burner piece of your marketing that you don't have time for. And that is understandable! Unless you have a dedicated person posting meaningful posts to your social media platforms daily, it isn't an effective tool for impacting your bottom line. However, a social media manager can take that load from you, optimize and integrate your platforms for highest impact, and get you on your way to developing a loyal, trusting community for your farm, stallion, or business. It is at this point that social media becomes not only valuable, but vital to your future business because you now have your own defined empire of lowest hanging fruit, ripe for doing business with you, and you alone.

    Samples of social media campaigns managed by Evie include:



    The best part? You can outsource all your social media headaches to an expert starting at just $700/month. Included is an initial audit of your current social media presence, along with any changes needed to optimize existing platforms. Once accomplished, Evie will take it from there, and you'll be on your way to finally making social media work for you.  

    Thoughts from Evie on Social Media:

    When developing a relationship with someone, it would be frowned upon to over-ask for anything before the relationship has blossomed. On the contrary, good friendships give more than they receive. This is social media... a patient dance between a business and its audience. The goal of effective social media is to develop an invincible trust in the brand or product before expecting them to buy anything. Most people don't recognize this key aspect and end up jumping the gun, then give up when their desired result doesn't happen. Social media is perhaps the most incorrectly perceived, underutilized, powerful marketing tool available today. If done correctly, you can– and will– organically reach thousands of people on a daily basis. It's incredibly satisfying to watch someone's social media program blossom into a priceless foundation for their business.