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    Digital Marketing

     - Services Offered at $50/hour -


    Services Include:

    • Moving promotional & tribute video productions (average cost: $500) See samples below.
    • Graphic Design 
    • Website Design
    • Strategy & Planning
    • Freelance Writing
    • Emcee Services
    • Tricks of the Trade for the best budget-friendly options... and the budget-busters to avoid
    • Click here for more Digital Marketing Samples

    Marketing doesn't need to be elusive guesswork. It can easily be measurable, consistent and results-driven. Additionally, our Internet-driven world demands effective digital marketing. Evie offers professional counsel that is directly geared toward the equine industry.

    Thoughts from Evie on digital marketing:

    "Did you know that a simple misspelled word can make the difference between someone picking up the phone to call you, or subconsciously deciding not to? That is how sensitive the subconscious is to feeling confident or unconfident toward your brand or product. Imagine, therefore, how important the rest of the strategy is to get right. Whether it's a promotional video, eblast, website, speaking engagement or brochure, it is imperative to design your piece in a way that comfortably meets your audience where they're at, compels them with your message and makes them feel confident to take a step forward with you. Make sure your marketing isn't just pretty. It needs to hit these areas with high marks to see a return on your effort."


    Sample Video Gallery